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Reviewing the "Little Tea Party No. 228" Small Tea Party to teach you the winter moon high-performance reading method

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There is a gold house in the book, and the book has its own Yan Ruyu. The benefits of reading are endless, but reading requires the right approach. On January 4th, 2019, Xiaocha Tea Club invited the o

There is a gold house in the book, and the book has its own Yan Ruyu. The benefits of reading are endless, but reading requires the right approach. On January 4th, 2019, Xiaocha Tea Club invited the outstanding teachers of Beijing Key Middle School and the founder of Dongyue High-efficiency Reading Method, Mr. Wang Dongyue to share with you the “Winter Moon High-Quality Reading Method”. Tang Bo, executive deputy general manager of Beijing Laoshe Teahouse Co., Ltd., attended with more than ten tea friends.



The tea scented by the tea lovers in this issue is the Golden Pig Xiangrui private tea that Lao She Tea House launched in the Year of the Pig. The small tea party team created the flower painting “Book Rhyme and Flower” with silver willow, chrysanthemum and acacia. With the tea and flowers, Dongyue teacher came to tell you the correct way to open the book.



Teacher Dong Yue said that some books can quickly improve people's quality of life, and some books can answer the problems in life. In reality, this is often the case: in the face of good books, we always can't see it, or there is nothing to gain after reading it. The winter moon high-performance reading method is a patent that has been developed through eight years of in-depth research and development. It is a combination of system theory, cognitive theory, human brain development, psychology, writing theory, physics, linguistics, psychology and other multi-theories. It absorbs the advantages of integrating the East and West reading methods in the past 70 years, and combines its own Hands-on practice and internalization, and finally a set of efficient and practical reading methods. It is committed to using the reading method to awaken people's potential, to help readers quickly absorb the essence of the book, to read, thin, internalize and use the book, and to use the principles of the book to enable people to efficiently empower and change their lives.



In the sharing, Mr. Dongyue took the reading of "Non-Violence Communication" as an example to take everyone into the "Winter Moon High-performance Reading Method". First look through the cover and back cover of the book. In addition to the title of the book, we can also see the keyword phrases listed on the cover. There will also be keyword phrases listed by the author on the front of the cover. This can clarify the subject of the book, clarify the positioning of the book, and find the end of reading - the author's deeper thinking mode.



The second step is to read the translation and preface, which will improve the starting point of reading. In the process of reading the order, we should find the words of table transition, table emphasis, and table progression. These words will lead to the key information that the author wants to express. Reading prefaces and prefaces can help us discover what the author wants to emphasize and supplement, and find the key to opening the entire book. The third step is to read the book catalog, browse the contents of each chapter, and find the structure, focus, and links of each chapter. The fourth step is to read the contents of the book. For example, the first chapter of "Non-violent communication" - let love into life. We have to glimpse at the whole leopard and find the relationship between the chapter and the topic. The summary of each chapter is also the part that should be read.



Through the chapter by chapter of Dongyue teacher, we feel that the four elements of non-violent communication are observation, feeling, need and request. When communicating with people, pay attention to the feelings and needs of the other party; learn to listen and love yourself; understand our needs with heart and express your inner gratitude. Gain love, harmony and happiness through non-violent communication. During the event, the tea friends listened carefully to the lectures of Mr. Dong Yue and felt the brainstorm and life changes brought about by the “Winter Moon High-Quality Reading Method”. Teacher Dong Yue said that reading is to help you empower and change your life. Reading economics and personal growth books can make a difference in our lives; reading history, novels, biographies, essays and other works can open up our perceptions; reading ancient classics and philosophical classics can make our minds and patterns look new.




Listening to the teacher of the winter moon sharing tea friends said that today's tea party is worthwhile. In order to express gratitude, Executive Vice President Tang Bo presented the gift of the head of the Laoshe Teahouse to Fushou to the tea gift box to Mr. Dong Yue. Everyone took a group photo.



This flower works:



[Flower Works] Book Rhyme

[Flower selection] Silver Willow, Chrysanthemum, Acacia.

[Meaning] Reading makes people aware, reading makes people wise, reading can cultivate temperament. The book is much more read, and the vision of the world is different. The flower used today is the flower of the ancient literati. The rhyme of the book - I hope that our flower works will bring warmth to you in the winter.