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Xicheng District People's Congress Representative Party Secretary of the Big Bowl Tea Company Yin Zhijun sympathizes with the community members

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On the afternoon of January 31, 2019, the New Year sympathized with the difficult families, and they were very caring and warm. The Spring Festival of Jihai Pig Year is approaching, Xicheng District P

New Year's condolences to difficult families, strong care and warmth. The Spring Festival of the Year of the Pig is coming. On the afternoon of January 31, the representative of Xicheng District People's Congress, Party Secretary, Chairman and General Manager of Beijing Dawan Tea Culture Development Co., Ltd., Chairman and General Manager of Beijing Laoshe Teahouse Co., Ltd. Yin Zhijun Kong Xiangbo, director of the Dashilan Street People's Office, and Zhang Wei, the head of the Qianxi Community Service Station, visited the families of the hard-working party members of the former West Community and sent condolences and daily necessities.



Representative Yin Zhijun brought the condolences of rice, noodles, oil and big bowl of tea gift boxes to Liu Jianhua, a difficult member of the former West Community, and Wang Jianyu, a difficult party member, and Liu Qiufeng, a difficult group. They also sent them the "Fu" character of Lao She Tea House in the Spring Festival. Deputy Yin said that the Spring Festival is coming soon. As a representative of the district people's congress, I will visit the community residents and wish the old people a happy New Year and good luck. During the conversation, everyone also asked about the life of the elderly and the elderly to pay attention to the body.




The old people said that they are very grateful to the leaders of Dashilan Street, the community neighborhood committee and the representative of Yin for their blessings and condolences. We have personally felt the warmth of the party and believe that the days will be better and better.

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