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"One Belt, One Road" VIP, Kampan Punta, member of the Political Bureau of the Lao People's Revolutionary Party, visited Laoshe Teahouse

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On the evening of October 10th, Simon Compaore, Acting Chairman of the People's Movement for the Progressive People's Movement in Burkina Faso and his party, made a special visit to the Lao She Teahou

On the morning of the 27th morning of the "One Belt, One Road" International Cooperation Summit, on the morning of April 27th, Campan Ponmata, member of the Political Bureau of the Lao People's Revolutionary Party and director of the Central Office, accompanied by Wang Yajun, Vice Minister of the International Liaison Department. Come to Laoshe Teahouse to enjoy special performances and taste Chinese tea.



Stepping into the Laoshe teahouse, a pleasant sound came from the piano. Lao She Teahouse played the Chinese folk song "Jasmine" for the director of the Panpan with a large bowl of tea. Under the guidance of the staff, Director Campan also tasted the big bowl of tea Laoshe Teahouse insisted on selling the "old two points" big bowl of tea for 40 years.



Later, Director Campan visited the old Beijing Traditional Commercial Museum on the second floor of the teahouse. The staff gave a detailed introduction to the folklore stories of the old Beijing city tobacco shops, theaters, pubs, teahouses, and big bowls of tea. Director Campan listened carefully and nodded frequently for content of particular interest.



At Sihe Tea House, Lao She Teahouse Tea Artist brings an elegant old Beijing bowl of tea tea performance to Director Campan. After the tea was soaked, Director Campan followed the tea artist to see the color, smell the fragrance, taste the wine, and exchange ideas with the tea artist. Director Campan said, "Today, I have further learned about Chinese tea culture and tea etiquette. The bowl of tea in Laoshe Teahouse is not only a cup of tea, a cup of water, but also carries China's profound cultural heritage."



After the three-story performance hall was seated, the tea artist presented the black tea Jin Junmei and all kinds of exquisite refreshments to the director of Kanpan. Director Campan tasted the performances while enjoying the performances of the Lao She Teahouse. Jing Yun Drum, Tea Show, Acrobatic Diabolo, Hand Shadow Play, Peking Opera, Face Change... A wonderful show made Director Campan smile. Especially in the performance of the magic "Ji Qing Yu Yu", a moment when a red koi jumped in front of him, Director Campan was screamed. Director Campan also watched the Beijing Opera makeup and experienced the charm of Chinese opera culture.



After the performance, Tang Bo, the executive deputy general manager of Laoshe Teahouse, presented the head of the old teahouse to the head of the teahouse. Director Campan returned the exquisite architectural model he brought to the Lao She Teahouse.



Before leaving, Director Campan wrote in the guest book: Tea is an indispensable culture in China. I came to Laoshe Teahouse today to taste Chinese good tea and experience Chinese tea culture. thank you all!


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