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Tea fragrance floating two sessions, warm value guards, Li Wei, secretary, for the big bowl of tea Laoshe teahouse to send banners and condolences

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On the morning of April 19, 2019, Li Wei, secretary of the Dingli Street Working Committee of the Xicheng District Committee, and Wu Jianhua and Fan Peng, deputy secretaries, came to the Daban Tea Lao


On the morning of April 19, Li Wei, secretary of the Dingli Street Working Committee of Xicheng District Committee, and deputy secretary Wu Jianhua and Fan Peng and his entourage came to the Daban Tea Laoshe Teahouse to present the banner "Tea Fragrance and Warmth" and condolences. The Fence Street Working Committee expressed its gratitude to the Daban Tea Laoshe Teahouse for the volunteers in the Dashilan area during the 2019 National “Two Sessions”.

In his speech, Secretary Li said that during the 2019 National "Two Sessions", under the leadership of Secretary Yin Zhijun, the Daban Tea Laoshe Teahouse team fully supported the "two sessions" security work, participated in volunteer service, and sent tea to offer love. This is the embodiment of the consciousness of party members, the embodiment of the spirit of the enterprise, and the social responsibility of the Dabei Tea Laoshe Teahouse.



Secretary Li Wei said that Secretary Yin Zhijun has always supported the work of the Dashilar Street Working Committee. Not only in the "two sessions" security, but also in other aspects such as party building, volunteer service, etc., Dawancha Laoshe Teahouse has set a benchmark and role model for the Dashilan area; there can be such a company, such a business leader, such a The team is honored by Dashilan.


Secretary Li Wei and the leaders together expressed their gratitude to the party members, party activists and key employees who participated in the obligation to send water to the Daban Tea Laoshe Teahouse.


Twenty-three days of the 20th National "Two Sessions", led by the Secretary of the Party Branch of the Big Bowl Tea Company, Yin Zhijun, all the party members, party activists and key employees of the company joined the party members of the West Riverside Community Party Committee in the front gate of Dashilan Street, daily and afternoon. Two shifts for the security guards, police, firefighting, urban management, security, sanitation workers, and volunteers who carried out security tasks along the streets around the Great Hall of the People were sent to the hot, fragrant "old two-point" big bowl of tea; in 13 days A total of 2,480 cups of tea were sent out, which successfully completed the task of serving the national "two sessions" of tea delivery this year, and was unanimously praised by security volunteers.