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Laoshe Teahouse invites enterprise management consulting experts to teach GB/T19001-2016 quality management system

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On May 8, 2019, the GB/T19001-2016 national standard has been officially released. In order to let the staff of Laoshe teahouse understand and master the contents of the new quality management standar

The GB/T19001-2016 national standard has been officially released. In order to let the staff of Laoshe teahouse understand and master the contents of the new quality management standards, and further ensure the effective operation of the teahouse quality management system, on May 8, Laoshe Teahouse invited the new century inspection and certification company, the national registered auditor to train teachers and enterprise management. Liu Quansheng, a consulting expert, gave lectures on the spot and taught the GB/T19001-2016 quality management system. Party Secretary, Chairman and General Manager of Beijing Dawan Tea Culture Development Co., Ltd., Chairman and General Manager of Beijing Laoshe Teahouse Co., Ltd. Yin Zhijun, senior management team of Daban Tea Company, all members of the Board of Directors, heads of various departments of Laoshe Teahouse and More than 30 internal auditors attended the training.



During the training, Teacher Liu Quansheng comprehensively and systematically explained the background, principles, major changes, implementation requirements and quality standards of the three core standards, seven principles, frameworks, etc., and led everyone on the GB/T19001-2016 standard Articles are sorted out.



The atmosphere of the training scene was active, and the responsible persons of various departments actively interacted with the teachers, raised questions, and exchanged experiences and experiences in training. Everyone said that although the training was tight and the content was large, the content taught by the teacher was close to the actual work and the operability was strong, which played a positive role in promoting the effective development of quality management in the future.