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Four hop Teahouse

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Sihe Tea House (2nd Floor)

The tea house is built on the prototype of the classic Beijing architectural style of the old Beijing. It combines the characteristics of the northern courtyard and the southern pavilion. It has 9 private rooms and 1 scattered platform, which can accommodate 60 guests. It is especially suitable for business meetings. Friends are small. At the same time, it can also meet the needs of holding tea parties, education and other artistic activities and performances.

Opening hours: 10:00-23:00

Reception number: a total of 9 private rooms, 1 scattered platform.

Operating characteristics: Sihe Tea House-style private room, classic tea service, can provide simple meals, live guzheng performances, tea performances, tea art training.

Reservation number: 010-63036506

Tea house activities: 6,000 yuan from the empty venue, including welcome tea.