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Pinzhen Building (3rd Floor)

Pinzhen Building combines Chinese food culture with millennium tea culture, blending traditional food with Chinese tea culture, integrating the ancient and modern Chinese and foreign cooking methods, extending the royal dining system, and enjoying the 400-year-old feast. The essence, the charm of a hundred years of ancient tea and the self-developed tea meal, the tea ceremony is elegant. There are five private rooms in the Pinzhen Building, including “Four Seasons Peace”, “Auspicious”, “Ruyi”, “Jinyu Mantang” and “Wind and Rain”.

Business hours: 10:30-14:00 17:00-21:30

Number of guests: 56

Operating characteristics: court tea, Xiao Manhan

Good weather: 8 people

Jin Yu Man Tang: can accommodate 8 people

Auspicious: can accommodate 10-12 people

Wishful: can accommodate 10-12 people

Four seasons safe: can accommodate up to 16 people

Reservation number: 010-63036830