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Yin Shengxi Introduction

Yin Shengxi, 1938 - 2003. Member of the Communist Party of China, college degree. He was honored with the National May 1st Labor Medal and the Beijing Model Workers during his lifetime. He is the representative of the 8th and 9th National People's Congress of Beijing and the 12th National People's Congress of Xuanwu District.

1964 - 1978 cadre of Beijing Dashilan Street Office

In 1979, he was the manager of Beijing Dashilan Trading Co., Ltd.

From 1988 to 2003, he was the general manager of Beijing Dawan Tea Business Group and the general manager of Laoshe Teahouse.

Major achievements:

In 1979, the Third Plenary Session of the Eleventh Central Committee of the Party kicked off the reform and opening up. At this time, Comrade Yin Shengxi, a cadre of the Dashilan Subdistrict Office in Xuanwu District, Beijing, actively responded to the party’s call for “relocation of unemployed youth and development of collective economy”. Actively "worry for the country and solve problems for the people", organize the streets to be educated and educated, start from scratch, and find their own way out. In June 1979, a "two cents" tea stall was set up on the west side of the Qianmen Arrow Tower to set up a large bowl of tea youth tea club. Together with Xiaogang Village in Fengyang, Anhui Province and Shekou Special Zone in Shenzhen, it has been hailed as three landmark events in the initial stage of reform and opening up to implement the party's basic line in the primary stage of socialism.

In September 1983, he founded the Zhenyunge Crafts Shenzhen Company. It took only 4 months from the negotiation of the joint venture to the opening of the company. This speed was also ahead of Shenzhen at the time. The establishment of the company has created a precedent for Beijing collective enterprises to set up a window in Shenzhen.

On December 15, 1988, the “Lao She Teahouse” was created. Use the "Lao She Teahouse" platform to promote national art, add a place for Beijing opera and folk artists to display their talents, enrich the cultural life of the people, and strengthen the spiritual civilization of the motherland.