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In 1979, in response to the party's reform and opening up policy, Mr. Yin Shengxi, the founder of Dabancha Laoshe Teahouse, led the educated youth back to the city, starting from scratch and selling two bowls of big bowl of tea in the Qianmen area of ​​Beijing.



In 1988, Dawan Tea Company invested all of its strength to establish the first cultural teahouse in China after the reform and opening up, Beijing Laoshe Teahouse.



Since its establishment, Laoshe Teahouse has received more than 170 foreign heads of government and more than 6 million Chinese and foreign guests from more than 80 countries. It is a "window" for displaying national cultural products and a "bridge" connecting the friendship between Chinese and foreign people. The reputation of “golden business card”, “civil diplomatic platform” and “Beijing-style cultural landmark”.



Today, Laoshe Teahouse has covered four business modes of tea, drama, meal and ceremonies. It has organized more than 230 scenes to promote young people's tea in the 80s and 90s. It is estimated that 20 chain stores will be opened nationwide by the end of 2019.

During the 40-year period, we continued to explore in the development, focusing on Beijing's urban function positioning, creating a “national teahouse”, a “diplomatic teahouse”, a “technical education teahouse” and a “people's teahouse” to serve the needs of the people's better life.