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Founded in 1988, Laoshe Teahouse is located in the southwest of Tiananmen Square, adjacent to Qianmen and Dashilan Ancient Commercial Street. Now the business area is more than 5,000 square meters. It includes four major business formats, including tea service, cultural performances, specialty catering and tea gifts. It has received more than 170 foreign heads of government and more than 5 million Chinese and foreign guests.



Laoshe Teahouse

Performance Hall (3rd floor)

The performance hall has a total area of ​​525 square meters, a stage area of ​​about 70 square meters, and a stage depth of 7 meters. It has a large LED screen and professional computer lighting and sound equipment.

The hall can accommodate 322 people, and can also meet the needs of exhibitions, educational training, wedding banquets, annual meetings, birthday banquets, variety shows and other artistic activities and performances.

The cost of the performance hall: from 8,000 yuan for the venue, from 30,000 yuan for the package (including performance). Cover bowl of tea. Dining starts at RMB 1980/table.




Laoshe Teahouse

Art Garden (2nd Floor)

Yiyuan adopts Wangfu Opera House style design. The total area of ​​the theater is 230 square meters and the stage length is 8.6m. It has projectors, curtains and professional computer lighting and sound equipment. It can accommodate 90 guests and watch performances. Can be held: Xishoutang, small meetings, etc.

The cost of the activity of the art garden: from 6,000 yuan for the empty space, from 25,000 yuan for the package (including performance), the bowl of tea is provided. Dining starts at 2,200 yuan / table.




Laoshe Teahouse

New Beijing Tune (1st Floor)

The new Beijing Tea Restaurant has an overall area of ​​333 square meters and a stage area of ​​21 square meters. It has a projector, curtain and professional computer lighting and audio equipment, which can accommodate 170 people at the same time.

The cost of the new Beijing-based activities: starting from 8,000 yuan in empty space, starting from 27,000 yuan in the package (including performance). Cover bowl of tea. Meal starting at 800 yuan / table.



Sihe Tea House (2nd Floor)

The tea house is built on the prototype of the classic architectural form of the old Beijing. It combines the dual features of the northern courtyard and the southern pavilion. It has 9 private rooms and 1 scattered platform, which can accommodate 60 guests. It is especially suitable for business meetings and friends. Hangout. At the same time, it can also meet the needs of holding tea parties, education and training, and other artistic activities and performances.

Tea house activities: 6,000 yuan from the empty venue, including welcome tea.