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Beijing Laoshe Teahouse was founded in 1988, and its predecessor can be traced back to the 1979 Qianmen Big Bowl of Tea. Laoshe Teahouse is located in the southwest of Tiananmen Square and is adjacenting to the ancient commercial street of Beijing. It has a unique geographical location and profound cultural heritage.

Laoshe Teahouse has the business tenet of “Revitalizing the Ancient Tea Culture and Supporting the National Art Flower”. Now it has a business area of ​​more than 5,000 square meters. It is a combination of Beijing-style tea culture, opera culture and restaurant culture. It is a fusion of teahouses, teahouses and teahouses. The six old Beijing traditional teahouses, such as the big tea house, the wild tea house and the unvoiced table, are integrated into the Beijing-style teahouse culture, including tea service, cultural performance, specialty food and tea gifts. The store has a new Beijing tea restaurant, Jingwei tea culture product service experience sales area, Yiyuan, Sihe Tea House, Pinzhen Building, performance hall, six business places, and a second big bowl of tea stalls, theater fans Beijing Opera box office And the three major public welfare projects of the old Beijing Traditional Commercial Museum.

Since its opening, Laoshe Teahouse has hosted more than 170 foreign heads of state and political affairs from 80 countries including former US President George W. Bush, former Secretary of State Kissinger, former Russian Prime Minister Primakov and former German Chancellor Kohl. Celebrities and more than 6 million Chinese and foreign tourists, with 12 chain stores nationwide, are hailed as the "window" for displaying national cultural products and the "bridge" connecting the friendship between Chinese and foreign people; they have the reputation of "Beijing City Business Card" and "Beijing-style Humanistic Landmark"; It has been rated as National Cultural Industry Demonstration Base, National 3A-level Tourism Scenic Spot (point), National Civilized Unit, National Top 100 Teahouse and Beijing Famous Trademark.